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Our frozen waffle dough

The dough

Belgaufra waffle dough is made using traditional methods to ensure a product of the highest quality.
All of the ingredients come from well-known European suppliers. The fat content is 100% vegetable.

The dough is Halal and HACCP compliant (International food safety standard).


The dough balls

The waffle dough balls are “hand” rolled giving them a light and flexible texture that guarantees that they cook through evenly. They are frozen immediately after preparation, before they rise, and packed in boxes of 130 units. Each box contains 5 trays, each with 26 recesses and is sealed with a plastic cover.


The dough balls are fresh and ready for use; they will not stick to the waffle-maker and are just as easy to cook with gas or electricity. Just leave them to defrost and rise. After 4 minutes of cooking at 180°C your waffle is ready!



The dough ball boxes each contain 130 units and have the following dimensions: 50cm long by 30cm wide and 22cm high. A Euro-pallet contains 48 x 130 unit boxes, for a total of 6,240 dough balls. Each dough ball weighs 130gr.


At room temperature: frozen waffle dough can be stored for 4 to 8 hours before baking.

In a refrigerator (+4°C): the dough balls can be stored for up to 72 hours.

In a freezer (- 18°C): the dough balls can be stored for up to a year.