Waffle dough distributors

Are you interested in selling Belgaufra dough balls? Contact us!

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Belgaufra does not operate a franchise system. We simply propose the right to use our brand name free of charge, which confers exclusivity over a specific market sector.

This agreement also allows you to benefit from our advice on the best location for your business and equipment purchases, along with training on how to store the product.

The agreement can be applied for one or a number of well-located outlets. In return, the right involves an exclusivity agreement and that you promote our brand as a priority. We will expect to have a view over your business plan.

We will provide you with our procedure methods through data sheets explaining how the product is processed and videos showing how they are prepared.

We see this as a genuine long-term partnership. We will take no commissions on your turnover; there will be no sign-on or licensing fees… just our willingness to share our family’s experience in the form of a high quality product and as part of a win-win relationship.